Playmobil 71024 Sal’ahari Sands Novelmore

posted by Playmobil Bello - January 22, 2022

Look at what Mr. Juan Esteban posted on his twitter! Pages of the German July 2022 catalog! There are a total of six new sets for Novelmore, featuring the Sal’ahari sands with more skeleton knights.

Playmobil Sal’ahari sands set 71024 – Scorpion Rider with Temple.
Playmobil Sal’ahari sands set 71025 – Skeleton Oliphant.
Playmobil Sal’ahari sands set 71026 – Dune cart with Knight
Playmobil Sal’ahari sands set 71027 – Skeleton Attack Tower

Above you can see what seems to be a glorious Sand Ship! Playmobil Sal’ahari Sands set 71023, Novelmore sand ship. Right under that large box you can also see the Playmobil set 71028, Sal’ahari sands Arwynn’s Camel.

Playmobil 70751 Sal’ahari Sands Temple

posted by Playmobil Bello - July 2, 2021

This set introduces a whole new Sand Temple to the world of Novelmore. With it, three new characters, Sul’thamath, Andowan and Dmagus. The first character is a powerful Necromancer who can raise an army of skeletons!

The temple is structured by white pillars made out of skulls and green flames. The coolest thing about this set is that every character can have their eyes glowing, by just charging it inside the Sal’ahari Sands Temple.

Above is a video review of the playmobil set 70751, Sal’ahari Sands Temple, from Novelmore Violet Vale.

Here are all the accessories from the playmobil set 70751 Sal’ahari Sands Temple, including all three new characters and some spiders.

Above you can see the back of the playmobil box, showcasing some of the functions of the Sal’ahari Sand Temple.

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