Playmobil 71024 Sal’ahari Sands Novelmore

posted by Playmobil Bello - January 22, 2022

Look at what Mr. Juan Esteban posted on his twitter! Pages of the German July 2022 catalog! There are a total of six new sets for Novelmore, featuring the Sal’ahari sands with more skeleton knights.

Playmobil Sal’ahari sands set 71024 – Scorpion Rider with Temple.
Playmobil Sal’ahari sands set 71025 – Skeleton Oliphant.
Playmobil Sal’ahari sands set 71026 – Dune cart with Knight
Playmobil Sal’ahari sands set 71027 – Skeleton Attack Tower

Above you can see what seems to be a glorious Sand Ship! Playmobil Sal’ahari Sands set 71023, Novelmore sand ship. Right under that large box you can also see the Playmobil set 71028, Sal’ahari sands Arwynn’s Camel.

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