Playmobil 70888 ESA Mars Expedition

posted by Playmobil Bello - December 29, 2021

This is a large Promo-Pack by Playmobil of the ESA space hover Mars Expedition, set number 70888. This large box comes with some extra space machinery, characters and a rock formation from Mars.

The set is already available for purchase in the US website at a retail price of $64.00 US Dollars. Above you can see a cool large mars truck, previously sold with a different color style, just yellow and white.

Above you can visualize all the accessories that comes in this set, including the new mars hover color scheme in dark grey and yellow/lime green. There is a smaller vehicle and a cool pod with a martian rocky formation.

Playmobil 70603 Astronaut Training

posted by Playmobil Bello - December 29, 2021

This is a little playmobil gift set, released at the beginning of 2021, Playmobil Space 70603. Notice the printed name sticker on the top right corner of the box. You buy these and write the name of the person you are gifting this to.

This set comes with one character and a posing stand to keep the space suit standing. Because of such feat, you can also just play that the suit is a robot or another person, just beware it has no face.

Above are all the accessories, including the bicycle used for exercise in space stations to this day. There is also a board with rocket and suit stats to play with, a crate, laptop, ray guns and space food.

Playmobil 70673 Space Speeder

posted by Playmobil Bello - December 8, 2021

There is a new space speeder for the Playmobil Space sets, this one looks like a flying drone, or fragile Martian roller. In the front you can see two drillers for the extraction of rock samples and on the top right corner a blue tag, where you can write the name of the person this is gifted to.

This specific box is small but packs up a lot of accessories. You get one character and a boxy speeder, but that is probably because Space vehicles are boxy.

Above you can see all of the accessories from playmobil set 70673, including the astronaut himself and his weapons.

Playmobil 30.18.30 Estrela Space Ship

posted by Playmobil Bello - January 1, 1991

This is a very rare and exclusive PlaymoSpace set that was manufactured by Playmobil Estrela only in Brazil, a south American country. One of their (Estrela) most known skills is their box covers, look below all their awesome backgrounds and setups.

Estrela is a toy company in Brazil that was responsible for producing and distributing Playmobil toys in the country, hence why they went ahead and decided to be a little bit creative in changing the colors of this space set. They used Yellow and Black with Red, instead of the White from Germany and USA.

Above you can watch the full review of the Brazilian Estrela PlaymoSpace Space Ship, set numbered 30.18.30, with all its accessories shown by PlaymoBello on Youtube!

This space ship (or UFO) was released in 1990 and hence it did not have all the accessories listed on the back of the box, instead they had a beautiful space scene for kids to look at and get ideas to play with.

Playmobil 3536 Space Station

posted by Playmobil Bello - November 30, 1989

This is the most famous PlaymoSpace set released by Playmobil in the year 1980-1989. This space station made kids around the world love the playmobil space series for decades.

It has a glass top that is removable, like a lid, allowing full access inside the space ship control room, resembling a Star Trek room, with a few driver seats and a captain in the middle.

Above is an AD for the Playmobil Space sets from the 80’s. This set sells for around 100 to 150.00 US Dollars for a complete used set, with all five astronauts.

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