Playmobil 3812 Western Union US Artillery

posted by Playmobil Bello - November 28, 1995

Here is another historical Civil War Playmobil set 3812 released in the year 1995, the Western Union Artillery with a spring cannon and yellow shells.

This set comes with three Union soldiers, all on foot, armed with revolvers and rifles. A great addition to any playmobil civil war set.

Above you can watch the review of Playmobil set 3057 Western Union soldiers with cannon, a historical civil war set.

The next image is a photo of the back of the Playmobil box where you can see all the accessories that comes with this set. Five shells, one rifle, a sword and five pistols, etc.

Playmobil 3811 Western Union Military Calvary

posted by Playmobil Bello - November 28, 1995

Here is a historical Civil War Playmobil set 3811 released in the year 1995. Titled: The Western Union Military Calvary.

Playmobil set 3811 comes with four Union soldiers, all mounted on horses, plus a native american indian with his own wild white horse. This set shows a flag for the Unionn regiment 5, with blue and yellow stripes.

Above you can watch the full video review of the playmobil set 3036 western bandit ambush, by PlaymoBello on Youtube!

Above is the back of the box of Playmobil set 3811 from the year 1995. It comes with four western soldiers and one native american, plus five horses!

Playmobil 3806 Western Fort Glory

posted by Playmobil Bello - December 11, 1994

This Western Union Fort Glory was released in 1994, numbered set 3806. With a total of five civil war soldiers, and several American flags, this became the most wanted set by the fans of westerns and little soldiers.

The fort itself is formed of several wooden like sheets that connect to one another by using a black bracket (see image below). The one let down of this system, is that the walls are always shifting and disconnecting with every movement. It doesn’t stop this set from being absolutely awesome, but would have been nice if it was more sturdy.

Another observation is the roof of the Headquarters, it doesn’t come off easily like other playmobil sets do. Creating another obstacle of play in that sense. The set has several accessories, including a Rambo style watch tower.

Playmobil 3773 Fort Bravo, Western Union

posted by Playmobil Bello - December 19, 1987

This is one of the very first Western Forts ever made by Playmobil, back in the year 1987, Fort Bravo, the headquarters of the 3rd Cavalry of the Western Union.

Above you can see the glorious box art showcasing the five characters that comes with this set 3773, and the fort, emulating wooden planks all around their headquarters.

If you enjoy watching video reviews of complete playmobil sets, above you may like to view the Youtube review from PlaymoBello, of the set 3773 Fort Bravo from the year 1987.

Unfortunately, back in the 80’s Playmobil didn’t have the back of their boxes designed with the accessories listings, instead it was just a blue empty canvas, or as shown above, a very awesome and cool looking scenery created by their artists.

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