Novelmore 70745 – Violet Vale Wizard Tower

posted by Playmobil Bello - June 4, 2021

This is yet another unique set designed by Playmobil, the Wizard’s Tower, with three new characters. The entryway reminds me of a Hobbit hole, with a round doorway, the rest of the Tower design looks a little elvish. Definitely eye catching and shoots up anyone’s imagination.

This seems to be the main building of the Violet Vale, where the Wizards gather and defend themselves from the Sa’ahari Sands Knights – a army of skeletons from the desert?

Novelmore 70746 – Violet Vale Demon Lair

This seems to be the lair (or tower) of the Demon – so far unamed – with his knight Umbrathor and a Violet Vale dwarven knight called Vermithor. Included in this set is a strange looking creature (look to the left of the box).

Also note two flying platforms, what are they? Maybe a breakeable floor?

This demon looks very unique and well designed, a mixture of a Dragon with strong humanoid features. Possibly the villain of this new line of Novelmore sets. Here is hoping for new epic episodes of Novelmore Animation!

Novelmore 70747 – Violet Vale Plant Magician

This set comes in a smaller box, with a rocky formation with plants and a skull on top of it, sounds like Druid Voodoo to me – his name is Vegithor, the Plant Magician! He carries one epic unique fancy staff.

Vegithor looks like a Druid, with magical forest powers, but as of today, everything is just a guess. Playmobil hasn’t released much information about the Violet Vale Novelmore sets.

Novelmore 70748 – Violet Vale Demon Patrol

This set looks intriguing, a mixture of the wolven canon carriage from Novelmore Knights set, yet this faction seems to use green and purple to represent their kingdom. Who are they? Violet Vale? It introduces two characters, Flamathor and Demonthella, as well as some form of creature (left side of the box art).

The main question here is, what is “Violet Vale”? A knight faction? A kingdom of Novelmore? Are they fighting for the good or bad?

Novelmore 70749 – Violet Vale Air Magician

This set features the Air Magician Astrathor, so far that is all we know about him and his airplane. He holds green bolts and one hell of an awesome staff.

Judging by the colors of the flames from the rear of his airplane, I would risk saying he belongs to, or is allied to the Novelmore Knights. But as of now it is only a guess.

Novelmore 70751 – Sa’ahari Sands Temple

This set absolutely introduces a whole new structure to the world of Playmobil. With it, three new characters, Sul’thamath, Andowan and Dmagus, probably some sort of Necromancers who raise skeleton armies? Who knows!

The temple is structured by white pillars made out of skulls and green fires everywhere. We also get two brand new staves, with different designs.

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