Playmobil Asterix Obelix Catalog

posted by Playmobil Bello - December 13, 2021

Asterix or The Adventures of Asterix is a French comic book series about Gaulish warriors, who adventure the world and fight the Roman Republic, with their magic potion, during the era of Julius Caesar in an historical telling of the time after the Gallic Wars.

These are the pages of the German Playmobil catalog of 2022, with the first Asterix sets designed by Playmobil. So far there is a tree house, Asterix set 71016. Playmobil set 70933 with Panoramix, the magician brewing something wicked, and Asterix set 71015, a tent with roman legionaires.

Asterix 70932 is a roof-house with a chimney and several Characters including Abraracourcix. Playmobil set 70934 has four Asterix roman characters with blue and yellow shields.

And if you haven’t noticed the large table in the middle of the village, that is a set as well. 70931 Asterix: The banquet table.

2021 Novelmore: Violet Vale Catalog

posted by Playmobil Bello - June 4, 2021

Looks like Playmobil won’t stop releasing new awesome Novelmore sets! Here we are again, with another round of new sets, reaching a count of over 30+ Novelmore boxes! This theme definitely makes it the largest set released by Playmobil to date!

These are the pages of the Playmobil Catalog from 2021 (Germany). We are getting a brand new surprise box, numbered 70752, with 12 different skeleton knights!

Looks like Playmobil won’t be releasing them in plastic packages, now they are inside a skull-shaped can. Definitely an absolute awesome packaging, but how are we going to figure out what kind of skeleton is inside? 😀

So far there is no known way to do that, but with each skull countainer you get a ton of plastic sand to play with, so it is definitely worth its price!

There are the six brand new and unique sets:

Playmobil – Violet Vale Wizard Tower, set number: 70745
Playmobil – Violet Vale Demon Lair, set number: 70746
Playmobil – Violet Vale Plant Magician, set number: 70747
Playmobil – Violet Vale Demon Patrol, set number: 70748
Playmobil – Violet Vale Demon Air Magician, set number: 70749
Playmobil – Violet Vale Sa’ahari Sands Temple, set number: 70751

About Us

posted by Playmobil Bello - May 24, 2018

Hi, this is PlaymoBello and I am a Playmobil Collector, Web Designer, a Correctional Officer and professional Oil Painter! Playmobil is the best toy in the world, with the highest quality of details, realism, invention and design. They barely ever break. There is something captivating about a micro world of playmobil that no other toy has managed to capture.

Barbies are imundated with pink to a degree where everything is just too unreal. LEGO’s aren’t bad, but if you are like me, the blocky style is a huge let down, nothing looks good and surfaces aren’t smooth.

With Playmobil, you are taken to a world of realism and fun full of accessories and details, everything is visually impressive, it does something to your brain, visually exciting, which makes it for a fascinating toy to look and play with.

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I love the feeling of excitement when opening a new set of Playmobil. From the nostalgic smell of new plastic and ink, to the building phase, experiencing the fun of seeing the final product on your hands.

It brings me back to my childhood days, where your mind had no limit to where and how you could pose all the Playmobil knights or pirates inside medieval castles, catapults, towers, carriages, ships and such.

playmobil dragon shelves collection

Today I have over 300+ sets. What can someone do with all of that? Instead of having them stocked in plastic totes, in a dark basement, I thought: Why not share it with the World and Review them?

I am not judging anyone, but I personally can’t store my Playmobils away. I think if someone spends money on a Playmobil set, it needs to be opened, built, posed and displayed on a shelf where it can be looked at and enjoyed every single day!

Why store an unopened box inside a closet? Life is very short, enjoy it to the fullest now because you never know what the future will bring. Imagine if you die tomorrow, all your playmobils would get auctioned for a cheap price, or forgotten in a basement to rot. All those boxes you cared for, destroyed and never enjoyed to the degree it could have been! Do me a favor and open them all, enjoy it while you can!

Above you can watch an old video I made of my Playmobil Collection. All my Playmobils are displayed in my office/man cave.

1994 Playmobil Western Catalog

posted by Playmobil Bello - June 8, 1994

Here is a page of the 1994 Playmobil Catalog. This was the year playmobil released the best and most awesome Western sets ever made, including the Western Saloon and Sheriff’s office.

The best thing about these vintage catalogs are the photography and scenery created by Playmobil; Just look at the right page, all the sets united showing a cool action packed Western world.

All the sets from these pages have been reviewed, don’t miss out on these videos on PlaymoBello’s YouTube.

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Visit our Youtube Channel @PlaymoBello to watch hundreds of Playmobil Reviews!
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