Playmobil 70804 Ayuma Fairy Hut

posted by Playmobil Bello - August 17, 2021

This is another Ayuma Playmobil set, numbered 70804 released in 2021. The Fairy Hut, shaped as a tear drop. This little house can be hung on a Christmas tree like an ornament, or anywhere in your house, but specifically it was made to be hung on the Community Tree.

This isn’t the only hut of its kind, Playmobil recently announced another wave of Ayuma sets to be released in 2022, one of them is a dark evil Fairy Hut just like this one above.

Above you can watch the video review of the playmobil set 70804 Ayuma fairy hut, by PlaymoBello on Youtube.

This set comes with a vew accessories, including a fairy with her spirit animal. One pillow, a few books and a handkerchief.

Adventures of Ayuma

posted by Playmobil Bello - May 31, 2021

Playmobil is about to release a new unique set called: “Adventures of Ayuma” consisting of eight boxes numbered from 70799 to 70806! This set is scheduled to be released (officially) in October of 2021.

Set 70799 introduces the main Tree of this whole set, where the village of Fairies live: The Community Tree. From the Playmobil Theme: “Adventures of Ayuma”.

Introducing the theme “Adventures from Ayuma”, here it is the Energy Fountain from Playmobil set 70800. Includes three Crystal Fairies with a Blue Winged Unicorn.

This is the Tree of Knowledge! With a Crystal Fairy and her spirit animal, the Fox! This is Playmobil set 70801.

This is set 70805, the Training Encampment. Featuring two Crystal Fairies with two spirit animals – the Bear and the Blue Parrot.

Behold the Crystal and Bat failries, with their animal spirits. This is Playmobil set 70803 from the theme “Adventures of Ayuma”.

This is the Waterdrop House, with a Fairy and her spirit animal (an owl). The house was built of a waterdrop. Not much space but yet as cozy as it can be! This is playmobil set 70804.

And last but not least, the Crystal Fairy with her spirit animal, the Deer, as of Playmobil set 70806.

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