Playmobil 3787 Golden Nugget Saloon

posted by Playmobil Bello - December 11, 1994

This is a famous and loved western Playmobil set, the Golden Nugget Saloon number 3787. Like any western movie or location, the saloon is always the most exciting place to see, with the revolving doors and the bandits drinking and playing cards.

With this set all of that fun can be had, with even a entertaining singing lady, all dressed in purple and fancy pink scarf. This saloon has one table with chairs and several bottles, that can be simply sodas or alcohol, up to you.

Above is the video review by PlaymoBello, of the Western set 3787 the Golden Nugget Saloon. Enjoy!

The image above is from the back of the playmobil box, showcasing all the accessories that comes with this set 3787. Six red and green bottles, five transparent cups, two characters, a wine jug, a large alcohol jug in a basket and two oil lamps.

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