Playmobil 3801 Watering Hole, Western

posted by Playmobil Bello - December 11, 1994

This is a visually underrated set. By just looking at the box it may seem a little boring or not so much fun because it doesn’t have bandits or a sheriff, but once you open this box and build the little piece of land with the river, bulls and cows, plus both cowboys, you get to see how unique everything is.

For example, the bulls and cows are only available in this and one other set: 3749, making these bulls very rare. The cowboy with long white hat is also the only of its kind, he has two black leggings that are not available anywhere else. To remedy this, playmobil released him in a add-on, but that was it, making this set very rare.

The price estimate for this set can range around 100 to 150 dollars, depending on the state of the items. Above you can see two horses, two characters 2 cows and 2 bulls.

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