Playmobil 1993 Catalog: Knights

posted by Playmobil Bello - May 4, 2021

This is the beautiful artwork cover of the 1993 catalog, featuring Playmobil’s brand new medieval knights sets.

Beautiful cover art, from the 1993 Playmobil catalog.

Playmobil released their first major Knights set in 1993 with large magnificent castles, battle towers, prison carriages, tournament tents and catapults.

Playmobil medieval knights, catalog from 1993

These pages (above and below) are straight from the Playmobil USA catalog of 1993. The yellow triangles with an “N” means these sets had just been released in that year – N for new.

Playmobil medieval knights, catalog from 1993

The themes in these sets seem to be representing three different factions:

The tower knights (green and yellow).
The swan knights (blue).
The royal crown knights (red).

These three factions are enemies of the Red Baron Knights, also addressed to as Purple Dragon Knights.

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