1999 Playmobil Medieval Knights

posted by Playmobil Bello - May 4, 2021

The year 1999 wasn’t much of a strong year for medieval knights fans, Playmobil only released one set: 3030 Knights Castle Adventure Set.

Another awesome half castle, this time with a large gate, resembling the gate from castle 3667, with a catapult, two mounted knights, a tree with rocks and several accessories. Not to mention six new characters!

Re-launch: Double Knights Set 3123

This Playmobil double set 3123 was released in 1999, revealing the option to buy both, Siege Tower and Castle Defense sets 3887 and 3888 in one single box.

(1999) 3123 Super Set with Siege Tower and Castle Defense

Everything is the exact same from the original sets, they are just re-launched in a new larger package.

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