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posted by Playmobil Bello - June 7, 2021

Here you can visualize all the Playmobil Special releases per year, taken straight from the official Playmobil Catalog. The first box of the series was released in the year 1994.

1994 Playmobil Special

This was the first wave of Playmobil Special boxes, that came with a single unique character inside. They started with set number 4501 to 4512.

4501 Sherlock Holmes
4502 Night Guard
4503 Vulture with Skeleton
4504 Native American Hunter
4505 Noble Prince
4506 Dracula Vampire
4507 Cat Burglar
4508 Sax Player
4509 Tennis Player
4510 Go-Kart
4511 Cruise Ship Captain
4512 Guitar Player

1995 Playmobil Special

In the year 1995 Playmobil released another wave of Playmobil Special characters, ranging from set number 4513 to 4524.

4513 Ice Hockey Player
4514 Pierrot Clown
4515 Lumberjack
4516 Shepherd Boy
4517 Dark Knight
4518 Fitness Trainer
4519 Viking
4520 Fairy Godmother
4521 Arab Warrior
4522 Flower Girl
4523 Inline Skater
4524 Executioner (Axe Man)

1996 Playmobil Special

4525 Sharpshooter
4526 Dove Girl
4527 Indian Bowman
4528 Robot
4529 Girl with Rabbits
4530 Evil Witch
4531 Mummy
4532 Karate Guy
4533 Trapper
4534 Templar Knight
4535 Mongolian Warrior
4536 Victorian Countess

1997 Playmobil Special

4537 Pixie Princess
4538 Boy on Scooter
4539 Mandarin Prince
4540 Norse Warrior (Viking)
4541 Indian Wolf Hunter
4542 Ruffian Redcoat
4543 Kite Flyer
4544 Bandit
4545 Sea King
4546 Egyptian Queen (Cleopatra)
4547 Blue Prince
4548 Captain Peg Leg

1998 Playmobil Special

In 1998, Playmobil released 12 brand new little sets of single characters called: Playmobil Special. Each featuring a random theme, like theone of the three Musketeers, an astronaut, roman soldier and even a mermaid.

Note: The Santa Claus Playmobil Special was not released in 1998, it was just placed there in the catalog to get extra attention.

4549 Girl with Ducks
4550 Midnight Witch
4551 Musketeer
4552 Native American Scout
4553 Space Explorer Astronaut
4554 Ninja Warrior
4555 King’s Tournament Knight
4556 Biker Boy
4557 Mermaid
4558 Red Pirate
4559 Game Warden
4560 Roman Centurion

1999 Playmobil Special

In the year 1999, Playmobil released 12 brand new sets, featuring sets as the Little Devil, Red Riding Hood, one of the Three Musketeers, a neat Phantom Pirate and others.

4561 Little Devil
4562 Red Riding Hood
4563 Dog, Cat and Mouse
4564 Tribesman Warrior
4565 Cavalier
4566 Clown Felix
4567 Sir Polkadot
4568 Royal Hornsman
4569 Wolf Tracker
4570 Flower Maiden
4571 Child with Foal
4572 Phantom Pirate

2000 Playmobil Special

4573 Clown Beppo
4574 Purple Ghost
4575 Captain Galaxy
4576 Bandito
4577 Royal Guard
4578 Fireman
4579 Father Time Ghost
4580 Police Detective
4581 Caribbean Pirate
4582 Robin Hood
4583 Lion Knight
4584 Victorian Girl with Carriage

2001 Playmobil Special

4585 Bobsled Racer
4586 Dragon Slayer
4587 Noble King
4588 Household Helper
4589 Native American Chief
4590 Alien
4591 Black Queen
4592 Cave Man
4593 Victorian Chef
4594 Wizard
4595 Sultan Palace Guard
4596 Diver

2002 Playmobil Special

2003 Playmobil Special

2004 Playmobil Special

2005 Playmobil Special

2006 Playmobil Special

2007 Playmobil Special

Playmobil 4569 Wolf Tracker

posted by Playmobil Bello - December 12, 1999

This Playmobil Special was released in the year 1999, a Native American Wolf Tracker. A great addition to any Native American and Western collection.

The design of this figure is neat, his shield has the face of a wolf and on his neck he carries what looks like a bunch of wolf tooth, on the top of his head, a hat made of wolf’s skin.

Above you can view the accessories from this playmobil special set 4569, a native stick, shield, wolf hat and the character himself.

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