Playmobil 70904 Burham Dragon, Novelmore

posted by Playmobil Bello - December 8, 2021

Here is another set for Novelmore fans, the Kaboom Fiery Dragon, playmobil set 70904. A brand new dragon design, with cool looking fire bolts on his wings.

Kaboom is riding the dragon on the box art. This set comes with two Burham Raiders: Kaboom and Tyragon and two Novelmore Knights: Bolt and Lady Gwynn. Awesome new set by Playmobil!

Above you can visualize all the accessories, there aren’t many, but you do get an absolutely awesome orange and black dragon with four characters. Playmobil Novelmor set 70904 is now one of the coolest Burnham sets out there.

Playmobil 70539 Burnham Raiders Fire Ruin

posted by Playmobil Bello - July 2, 2020

Here is Playmobil Novelmore set 70539, Burnham Raiders Flaming Ruin, released exclusively in Europe in the year 2020 and discontinued in 2021. This is a large set with 139 pieces, introducing a half wizard flaming tower, just like back in 1995 when Playmobil released some of their first vintage Knight sets.

This awesome tower shows some aging from battles and time, comes with four characters: Francis, Shiko (New), Flinton and Lucifex.

Above you can watch the complete review of the exclusive playmobil set 70539, Burnham Raiders, Flaming Ruins.

This Novelmore set 70539 comes with a ton of accessories, like a large beer keg, cannon, treasure chest, and cool looking staves! A total of four characters!

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