Playmobil 3977 Eastern Egg, Bandit

posted by Playmobil Bello - December 14, 1999

Playmobil has been releaseing Easter Eggs every year around Easter. To encourage children to buy these so parents can hide the playmobil eggs instead of just some random colored egg. At least this one opens up and has playmobil inside.

The color of the egg can vary, from grey to green and red. But the image on it should always be the same.

Above you can see the Western Bandit and his five pistols. There isn’t any extra accessories, just what you see above.

Playmobil 3035 Arms Smuggler

posted by Playmobil Bello - December 8, 1999

This is the Playmobil Western set 3035, Arms Smuggler. This guy reminds me of the bad outlaw that goes against Clint Eastwood in the Wild West movie: The Good, the bad and the ugly.

The character shown above has a Mexican style hat, with bandit clothing, he could be a bad apple who sells rifles on the side, an arms smuggler.

Above is the full playmobil review of the set 3035, arms smuggler, by PlaymoBello on Youtube. Feel free to like and subscribe if you enjoy it.

Above you can view all the accessories you get in this set, a total of four rifles, five pistols, a cacus, snake, crate, water cantine and one western character.

Playmobil 4544 Western Bandit

posted by Playmobil Bello - December 12, 1997

This is one of the first western bandit released by Playmobil under their small sets called Playmobil Special, set numbered 4544, released in 1997.

Above is a box art that showcases the new character with his detailed rifle and money bag. Unfortunately this set is very old (90’s) and hard to find, its value is around $10 to $20 US Dollars.

Here are all the accessories that comes in this box, a black bandana, a black bag, a rifle, the bandit and gold coins valued at 58 dollars. There should be 12 small coins, 8 medium coins and 6 large coins.

Playmobil 3814 Western Bandit

posted by Playmobil Bello - November 28, 1995

You are looking at the box art of one of the most unique and coolest Playmobil Western Bandit ever made. This set 3814 was released with a few Western sets in 1995.

The small playmobil box comes with a St. Louis National bank crate, full of silver coins (a total of 26), a money bag and five revolvers.

Above is the complete review of the playmobil set 3814, Western Bandit from 1995. Above you can see exactly how many silver coins you get in a playmobil treasure chest.

Above you can see all the accessories that comes with the playmobil set 3814, from the year 1995. The mouth bandana is removable, as well as the gun holster and wrist cuffs.

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