1994 Playmobil Medieval Knights

posted by Playmobil Bello - May 25, 2021
Playmoibil set 3626, the woods

Playmobil released these sets, of wooden folks and bowmen, with trees and owls, portraying maybe a medieval Robin Hood scenery, as seen with Playmobil set 3626. You get even mushrooms and bunnies with 3626.

Playmoibil set 3627, party in the woods.

In this box, you get what seems to be a party in the woods, Playmobil set 3627, with a giant beer keg (or wine) musical instruments, a lady, a priest and a few soldiers.

Playmoibil set 3628, Knights and Archers

Playmobil set 3628 adds three dogs, more wooden soldiers and a cool looking tree, plus a bird that looks like an Eagle or Falcon.

Playmoibil set 3629, Forest Hunter.

This is a forest hunter, he rides his horse and shoots animals with his bow and arrow, having the dogs chase the dying prey. Playmobil set 3629.

Playmoibil set 3631, Traveling Monk.

This is the traveling Monnk, he carries his few possessions in that blue bag, numbered Playmobil set 3631. This Monk can bring healing knowledge to the Playmobil villagers or just some insight into Philosophical meanings.

Playmobil set 3632, Bear Hunters, Dancing Bear Act.

This set is called: “Dancing Bear Act”, as of Playmobil set 3632. Seems like they are entertainers from medieval days, who trained a bear to do some tricks, including some dance moves. That is why the bear has a chain and they are dressed with musical instruments. You can always make it a bear of war, that joins the armies of playmobil to invade castles.

Playmoibil set 3633, Hobo

Playmobil set 3633 is a funny one, as this guy is often refered to as “Hobo, or Homeless Man”, and I just don’t know why, maybe because he carries a white bag and a stick? He seems well dressed for the medieval days.

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