Playmobil 3834 Magic Carpet

posted by Playmobil Bello - June 15, 1995

This is a new and one great series released by Playmobil in the year 1995, a detailed and realistic looking magic / fantasy set 3834 the Magic Carpet.

The set 3834 Magic Carpet comes in a small box and has few accessories, a magic carpet, lamp, scroll and threasure box. Very neat set to add to any knight collection.

Above you can watch the video review from PlaymoBello on Youtube, for set 3834 Magic Carpet. If you like the video, please subscribe for more!

Above you can view the back of the small playmobil box, showcasing all the accessories that comes with the set. Note the blue elastic, that is used as a rope to hold the items on top of the carpet.

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