Playmobil 3802 McLaren’s Goldmine

posted by Playmobil Bello - December 3, 1994

This is one of the most wanted western sets made by Playmobil. The Western 3802 McLaren’s Goldmine. This set received so many good reviews that even Playmobil decided to relaunch it in the year 2006 as an Add-On numbered 7857 (without the characters or any accessories).

The number of accessories and its four characters is what makes this Western Playmobil set so loved, as you can tell by looking at the box art above.

Watch the full review of the Western Playmobil set 3802 McLaren’s Goldmine, by PlaymoBello on Youtube.

Above is a picture of the back of the McLaren’s Goldmine box, playmobil set 3802, showcasing all the accessories and characters.

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