Playmobil 3037 National Bank Wagon

posted by Playmobil Bello - December 8, 1999

This is the 1999 western playmobil set 3037 the National Bank Armored Wagon. This fortress was used to transport gold, silver and money bills in the past, safely from outlaws.

Playmobil made sure to include a lot of gold bars in this set, not just that, but they are made of real metal. You get two treasure crates, money bags and even a road sign with a Vulture.

Above you can watch the full review of this playmobil set, by PlaymoBello on Youtube. Feel free to subscribe to the channel if you want more videos posted.

Above you can visualize all the accessories that comes in this set 3037, two characters, gold coins, two horses, a wip, gold bars, rifles and a Vulture.

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