Novelmore 70747 Plant Magician, Violet Vale

posted by Playmobil Bello - July 2, 2021

This set comes in a smaller box, with a rocky formation, plants and a skull on top of it. The new Violet Vale playmobil character look like a Druid Voodoo to me – his name is Vegithor, the Plant Magician!

Vegithor may have great magical powers. I guess you will have to watch the original Novelmore animated series to learn more. Next you can watch PlaymoBello’s Youtube review of the Pant Magician set 70747.

Below you can visualize all the accessories that comes with this Violet Vale set 70747, Plant Magician.

Violet Vale is one of the most unique and great looking knight sets released by Playmobil in the recent years. Novelmore is a fantastic world to play with!

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