Playmobil 4063 Battle Tower and Hideout

posted by Playmobil Bello - January 14, 2003

This is a very unknown playmobil set 4063, few people have seen it. It wasn’t promoted much by Playmobil but it did get released and sold. Good luck finding one for sell, considering the few sold boxes around the world.

This is almost a copy of the Baron’s Tower from 1993, with some minor changes, there is a square wall added at the base and a smaller tower in the middle, smaller by 2 levels. The characters are Eagle Knights using the same yellow and purple colors from the Purple Dragon Knights.

Above you can see all the accessories that comes with this set, including a lion, some bones, four knights and a few crows. Not a bad set, but it does look incomplete when compared to the Red Baron’s Tower.

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