Playmobil 3890 Baron Eagle Knight

posted by Playmobil Bello - December 29, 1997

In this set we have a Baron, a heavily armored knight, Playmobil set 3890, with his loyal companion a black dog. He seems to carry a coat of arms of a Black Eagle that doesn’t belong to any of the factions from the 1993 sets.

This is a very small box containing only the Baron and his dog. Plus a few accessories. He is very similar to the knight that comes with the Ox Cart released in 1997.

Above you can watch the video review of the playmobil set 3890, by PlaymoBello on Youtube, if you enjoy the video please like and subscribe!

Above is the back of the box of the playmobil set 3890, showcasing all the accessories that comes with this set. A vintage looking sword, armor that does not match: the helmet is silver vs armor black and a puppy.

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