Playmobil 70904 Burham Dragon, Novelmore

posted by Playmobil Bello - December 8, 2021

Here is another set for Novelmore fans, the Kaboom Fiery Dragon, playmobil set 70904. A brand new dragon design, with cool looking fire bolts on his wings.

Kaboom is riding the dragon on the box art. This set comes with two Burham Raiders: Kaboom and Tyragon and two Novelmore Knights: Bolt and Lady Gwynn. Awesome new set by Playmobil!

Above you can visualize all the accessories, there aren’t many, but you do get an absolutely awesome orange and black dragon with four characters. Playmobil Novelmor set 70904 is now one of the coolest Burnham sets out there.

Playmobil 70825 Ayuma Bat Fairy House

posted by Playmobil Bello - December 8, 2021

Playmobil set 70825 is an alternative evil version of the Fairy Hut, this one being a dark Spider Hut. This set can hang on the Community Tree, or anywhere else that is high enough.

This is a Ayuma set planned to be released sometime in May of 2022. This set has a new kind of spider and an evil character called: Elvinia.

Above is the artwork created by Playmobil for the cover of the Ayuma box, set numbered 70825 and above you can see all the accessories that comes with this set.

Playmobil 70734 Series 22 Boys and Girls

posted by Playmobil Bello - December 6, 2021

Below is an ad from the Playmobil German Catalog from the year 2022. The Playmobil Series 22 set 70734 for boys and Series 22 set 70735 for girls.

The level of details from these characters is amazing, Playmobil has done a fantastic job designing them. The Native American is realistic looking, just like the Pirate and Gladiator. It would be awesome to see them release some Native sets with this style.

Playmobil 70809 Ayuma Fairy and Unicorn

posted by Playmobil Bello - December 5, 2021

This is the Ayuma Playmobil set 70809, Fairy with a winged unicorn animal. She carries a net and crystals.

This set just appeared in the pages of the Playmobil German Catalog, featuring a few new Ayuma sets. She can use her yellow net to collect those crystals or even flowers or butterflies.

Above is the back of the Ayuma set 70809 box, showcasing the accessories that comes with this set, besides the crystal fairy, her unicorn and little pool of water.

Playmobil 70778 Novelmore Advent Calendar

posted by Playmobil Bello - September 2, 2021

This is the Novelmore Playmobil set 70778 Advent Calendar, or as known in german: “Adventskalender”. This is a special set that is opened a little bit each day of the month of December, all the way from Day 1 to the 24th when Christmas arrives.

Each door you open will have a Date on them (1-24), and each day, you get a specific playmobil item, slowly building a cool looking set, having it completed on Christmas day to be played with.

Above you can watch PlaymoBello’s Review of the playmobil set 70778, Novelmore Advent Calendar.

Above you can view all the accessories and wall you will get from this Advent Calendar, for each day of December all the way to Christmas.

Playmobil 70801 Ayuma Tree of Wisdom

posted by Playmobil Bello - August 18, 2021

The Ayuma sets have arrived! This is the tree of wisdom, a large tree with eyes and a mouth that releases a green dice. You get one playmobil character and two animals.

This tree retails around $80.00 dollars, a little expensive compared to other playmobil sets. But considering how awesome this theme is, it might be worth the extra cash.

If you look at the accessories above, Playmobil seem to have removed itself from the “all pink girly” sets, now we get a brand new set that looks more normal and can totally be owned by any gender and played alongside Novelmore knights.

Playmobil 70800 Ayuma Energy Source

posted by Playmobil Bello - August 18, 2021

This is a very large waterfall set that can fit dozens of playmobil characters in it. If only there wasn’t a pink tree, this could pass as a Novelmore location.

This playmobil set 70800 comes with three characters and one of them is the awesome looking evil witch fairy. Besides the great looking waterfall scenery, you also get a very unique looking blue unicorn.

For those who like Unicorns, this set may be the reason to get it, as it has possibly the best unicorn design by Playmobil so far.

Playmobil 70799 Ayuma Community Tree

posted by Playmobil Bello - August 18, 2021

Ayuma laymobil set 70799 is the largest box from the ayuma sets of the year 2021. The community tree, with four levels of rooms and playgrounds, is used as a shared housing between all the fairies.

This set comes with three characters, all from the playmobil Youtube animated series, and each character also has a spirit animal. Besides that, the tree is just awesome! If only the door and rooftops were red or purple. The pink leaves a little bit of a “barbie” design to it.

This set has a ton of accessories, just look at the image above. There are beds, pillows, baskets, food, shields etc. Only missing weapons!

Playmobil 70802 Ayuma Knight Fairy

posted by Playmobil Bello - August 17, 2021

Here is Ayuma playmobil set 70802, a cool looking fairy that reminds me of a native American Indian, hence her spirit animal is an Eagle.

This is the kind of idea that succeeds with Playmobil, as anyone can buy this, boys and girls, and play whichever way desired, since the color scheme doesn’t dictate what set it belongs to! Great!

Above is the video review of Playmobil Ayuma set 70802, by the Youtube channel PlaymoBello. If you enjoy it please subscribe!

Above you can see the few accessories you get in this small playmobil box, one spear, two fish bones, the fairy warrior and an eagle.

Paymobil 70803 Ayuma Fairy with Snake

posted by Playmobil Bello - August 17, 2021

This is Ayuma playmobil set 70803, the fairy with her giant snake. This snake was released back in 2006 with a jungle set, the treasure temple with stone temple guardians, the snake had no details and was red.

Playmobil went ahead and re-designed the snake, added some extra spikes and made it purple. Looks very neat! You get two main characters and two spirit animals!

Above you can watch the video review of the playmobil set 70803 Ayuma fairy with large snake, by PlaymoBello on Youtube.

Above you can see the accessories that comes with this set, one staff, a gem or crystal, a small wand and two characters with their spirit animals.

Playmobil 70805 Ayuma Training Camp

posted by Playmobil Bello - August 17, 2021

This Ayuma training camp is the strangest set I have ever seen. A great thing about it is it doesn’t have a single color scheme (lets say all pink), hence it can be used with any playmobil set.

Above is the front of the box of Ayuma Playmobil set 70805, introducing two new characters with their spirit animals.

Above you can visualize all of the accessories that comes with this set. Several tools, a little knife and a bow and arrows. A cool looking target, to practice your arrow skills and a base for the training station to take place.

Playmobil 70804 Ayuma Fairy Hut

posted by Playmobil Bello - August 17, 2021

This is another Ayuma Playmobil set, numbered 70804 released in 2021. The Fairy Hut, shaped as a tear drop. This little house can be hung on a Christmas tree like an ornament, or anywhere in your house, but specifically it was made to be hung on the Community Tree.

This isn’t the only hut of its kind, Playmobil recently announced another wave of Ayuma sets to be released in 2022, one of them is a dark evil Fairy Hut just like this one above.

Above you can watch the video review of the playmobil set 70804 Ayuma fairy hut, by PlaymoBello on Youtube.

This set comes with a vew accessories, including a fairy with her spirit animal. One pillow, a few books and a handkerchief.

Playmobil 70806 Ayuma Forest Fairy

posted by Playmobil Bello - August 17, 2021

This is a small little set from the Ayuma theme, Playmobil set 70806 from 2021. In this box you get a fairy dressed with leaves and a deer.

Another set that can be merged with any knights or castles, even Novelmore. Maybe someday playmobil will do a animated crossover with both worlds, Ayuma and Novelmore / Violet Vale.

Above you can watch the full video review of the Playmobil set 70806 Ayuma fairy of the woods with a spirit animal. By PlaymoBello on Youtube.

Above you can see all the accessories that comes with this Ayuma set 70806. A pink basket a large staff with green emerald in the middle of the tip and some food for the spirit animal.

Playmobil 70752 Surprise Box, Sal’ahari Sands

posted by Playmobil Bello - July 2, 2021

This is one epic set released by Playmobil, set 70752 Skeleton Surprise Box, Sal’ahari Sands (Series 1). This set is filled with little plastic sands that can be used with the Sal’ahari Sands Temple.

If you buy 12 of these, you end up with a mountain of sand! There is so much sand in these skull boxes you won’t believe it!

Watch the review above of the playmobil set 70752, the Sal’ahari Sands skeleton surprize box. PlaymoBello opens 12x of them, revealing several unique and awesome looking Sal’ahari Skeletons.

Above you can view the official rooster of skeleton warriors you can get with the surprise box. Unfortunately there is no way to “feel” the box to predict what character you will get. This set is entirely by chance and luck.

Playmobil 70751 Sal’ahari Sands Temple

posted by Playmobil Bello - July 2, 2021

This set introduces a whole new Sand Temple to the world of Novelmore. With it, three new characters, Sul’thamath, Andowan and Dmagus. The first character is a powerful Necromancer who can raise an army of skeletons!

The temple is structured by white pillars made out of skulls and green flames. The coolest thing about this set is that every character can have their eyes glowing, by just charging it inside the Sal’ahari Sands Temple.

Above is a video review of the playmobil set 70751, Sal’ahari Sands Temple, from Novelmore Violet Vale.

Here are all the accessories from the playmobil set 70751 Sal’ahari Sands Temple, including all three new characters and some spiders.

Above you can see the back of the playmobil box, showcasing some of the functions of the Sal’ahari Sand Temple.

Novelmore 70749 Air Magician, Violet Vale

posted by Playmobil Bello - July 2, 2021

This set features the Air Magician: Astrathor. He holds green bolts and one hell of an awesome staff. His airplane is propeled by magic, some sort of purple fire turbine.

Yet another great set by Playmobil designers, releasing unique and fun Novelmore themes for a third consecutive year.

Watch the full review of the playmobil set 70749, Air Magician from Violet Vale. Youtuber Playmobello has reviewed all the Novelmore sets, including Violet Vale.

Above is the complete set of accessories that comes with this set 70749, a cool looking staff, green lightning bolt, the epic airplane and Astrathor, the Air Magician from Violet Vale.

Playmobil 70748 Demon Patrol, Violet Vale

posted by Playmobil Bello - July 2, 2021

This set looks intriguing, a mixture of the wolven canon carriage from Novelmore, just missing the horses! Playmobil set 70748 introduces two new characters: Flamathor and Demonthella, as well as another little demon creature.

The main question here is, what is “Violet Vale”? A knight faction? A kingdom of Novelmore? Are they fighting for the good or bad? Playmobil has released several animated episodes on Youtube that can answer those questions.

Above you can watch the full review of the playmobil set 70748 Demon Patrol, Violet Vale, by PlaymoBello on Youtube.

Above you can see all the accessories from the playmobil set 70748 demon patrol, violet vale. The wagon, two new characters and a little demon.

Novelmore 70747 Plant Magician, Violet Vale

posted by Playmobil Bello - July 2, 2021

This set comes in a smaller box, with a rocky formation, plants and a skull on top of it. The new Violet Vale playmobil character look like a Druid Voodoo to me – his name is Vegithor, the Plant Magician!

Vegithor may have great magical powers. I guess you will have to watch the original Novelmore animated series to learn more. Next you can watch PlaymoBello’s Youtube review of the Pant Magician set 70747.

Below you can visualize all the accessories that comes with this Violet Vale set 70747, Plant Magician.

Violet Vale is one of the most unique and great looking knight sets released by Playmobil in the recent years. Novelmore is a fantastic world to play with!

Playmobil 70745 Wizard Tower, Violet Vale

posted by Playmobil Bello - July 2, 2021

This is yet another unique Novelmore set designed by Playmobil, Violet Vale, the Wizard’s Tower. This set comes with three new characters. The entryway reminds me of a Hobbit hole, with a round doorway, the rest looks a little elvish. Definitely eye catching and shoots up anyone’s imagination.

This seems to be the main building of the Violet Vale wizards, where they gather to defend themselves from the Sa’ahari Sands Skeleton Knights.

Above you can watch the full review of the Playmobil set 70745 Violet Vale Wizard’s Tower by PlaymoBello on Youtube.

Above you can view all the accessories that comes with this set 70745, including the three brand new Playmobil characters.

Star Trek Playmobil set worth $500 USD?

posted by Playmobil Bello - June 27, 2021

Is this true? There are photos leaking in some areas of the internet, including the Playmobil Reddit forum of a Startrek Enterprise. Some toy sites are actually requesting pre-order payments, up to $499 USD!

Could this be a well made scam or did Playmobil actually design this Enterprise?

With a total of 7 characters and a neatly made trekkie stand, this set comes loaded with accessories and rooms.

The Enterprise is supposed to be very large, as a collectors item, and of course, still functioning as a toy.

This photo of the cabin is very exciting, even those who are not fans of the Star Trek series, would understand how awesome it would be to actually own one of these.

I never imagined Playmobil would ever make a set worth $500 dollars, unless it was as large as two Grand Novelmore Castles put together, and even so, that would still add up to $400 dollars.

This is a very different approach to franchise launch, I guess it is a major collector’s item. Here is hoping Playmobil will release a Lord of the Rings series, that doesn’t follow this idea, so we can all own and enjoy the LOTR sets without having to break our wallets!

New Novelmore Sets on the Horizon

posted by Playmobil Bello - June 15, 2021

There are two new Novelmore sets on the horizon, 70538 and 70539. They have been released in Europe, but not in the USA. These sets are making us Playmobil fans, worried as it has been a while since the release in Europe.

70538 Novelmore Defense Squad

Here is Playmobil Novelmore Defense Squad, set number 70538, released in the year 2020 and discontinued (it seems?) in 2021.

This set 70538 has a brand new character, Taylinn, she seems to be some sort of Bow-Lady, with an awesome ballista that shoots a hook with a rope attached to it, for castle invasions, and Norman reappears in this set, with different accessories, as well as a defense wooden wall.

70539 Burnham Raiders Fire Ruin

Here is Playmobil set 70539, Burnham Raiders Fire Ruin, also released in Europe in the year 2020 and discontinued in 2021. A large set with 139 pieces, introducing a half wizard tower, just like back in 1995 when Playmobil released some of their first vintage Knight sets.

This awesome tower shows some aging from battles and time, comes with four characters: Francis, Shiko, Flinton and Lucifex. Set 70539 also has several accessories, like a large beer keg, cannon, treasure chest, and cool looking staves (look at the doorway).

A Playmobil Conclusion

Here we are, hoping to definitely see these two sets 70538 and 70539 in the site in the near future, so we can pay a nice retail price, instead of over infatuated eBay rates from European sellers!

Playmobil Special

posted by Playmobil Bello - June 7, 2021

Here you can visualize all the Playmobil Special releases per year, taken straight from the official Playmobil Catalog. The first box of the series was released in the year 1994.

1994 Playmobil Special

This was the first wave of Playmobil Special boxes, that came with a single unique character inside. They started with set number 4501 to 4512.

4501 Sherlock Holmes
4502 Night Guard
4503 Vulture with Skeleton
4504 Native American Hunter
4505 Noble Prince
4506 Dracula Vampire
4507 Cat Burglar
4508 Sax Player
4509 Tennis Player
4510 Go-Kart
4511 Cruise Ship Captain
4512 Guitar Player

1995 Playmobil Special

In the year 1995 Playmobil released another wave of Playmobil Special characters, ranging from set number 4513 to 4524.

4513 Ice Hockey Player
4514 Pierrot Clown
4515 Lumberjack
4516 Shepherd Boy
4517 Dark Knight
4518 Fitness Trainer
4519 Viking
4520 Fairy Godmother
4521 Arab Warrior
4522 Flower Girl
4523 Inline Skater
4524 Executioner (Axe Man)

1996 Playmobil Special

4525 Sharpshooter
4526 Dove Girl
4527 Indian Bowman
4528 Robot
4529 Girl with Rabbits
4530 Evil Witch
4531 Mummy
4532 Karate Guy
4533 Trapper
4534 Templar Knight
4535 Mongolian Warrior
4536 Victorian Countess

1997 Playmobil Special

4537 Pixie Princess
4538 Boy on Scooter
4539 Mandarin Prince
4540 Norse Warrior (Viking)
4541 Indian Wolf Hunter
4542 Ruffian Redcoat
4543 Kite Flyer
4544 Bandit
4545 Sea King
4546 Egyptian Queen (Cleopatra)
4547 Blue Prince
4548 Captain Peg Leg

1998 Playmobil Special

In 1998, Playmobil released 12 brand new little sets of single characters called: Playmobil Special. Each featuring a random theme, like theone of the three Musketeers, an astronaut, roman soldier and even a mermaid.

Note: The Santa Claus Playmobil Special was not released in 1998, it was just placed there in the catalog to get extra attention.

4549 Girl with Ducks
4550 Midnight Witch
4551 Musketeer
4552 Native American Scout
4553 Space Explorer Astronaut
4554 Ninja Warrior
4555 King’s Tournament Knight
4556 Biker Boy
4557 Mermaid
4558 Red Pirate
4559 Game Warden
4560 Roman Centurion

1999 Playmobil Special

In the year 1999, Playmobil released 12 brand new sets, featuring sets as the Little Devil, Red Riding Hood, one of the Three Musketeers, a neat Phantom Pirate and others.

4561 Little Devil
4562 Red Riding Hood
4563 Dog, Cat and Mouse
4564 Tribesman Warrior
4565 Cavalier
4566 Clown Felix
4567 Sir Polkadot
4568 Royal Hornsman
4569 Wolf Tracker
4570 Flower Maiden
4571 Child with Foal
4572 Phantom Pirate

2000 Playmobil Special

4573 Clown Beppo
4574 Purple Ghost
4575 Captain Galaxy
4576 Bandito
4577 Royal Guard
4578 Fireman
4579 Father Time Ghost
4580 Police Detective
4581 Caribbean Pirate
4582 Robin Hood
4583 Lion Knight
4584 Victorian Girl with Carriage

2001 Playmobil Special

4585 Bobsled Racer
4586 Dragon Slayer
4587 Noble King
4588 Household Helper
4589 Native American Chief
4590 Alien
4591 Black Queen
4592 Cave Man
4593 Victorian Chef
4594 Wizard
4595 Sultan Palace Guard
4596 Diver

2002 Playmobil Special

2003 Playmobil Special

2004 Playmobil Special

2005 Playmobil Special

2006 Playmobil Special

2007 Playmobil Special

2021 Novelmore: Violet Vale Catalog

posted by Playmobil Bello - June 4, 2021

Looks like Playmobil won’t stop releasing new awesome Novelmore sets! Here we are again, with another round of new sets, reaching a count of over 30+ Novelmore boxes! This theme definitely makes it the largest set released by Playmobil to date!

These are the pages of the Playmobil Catalog from 2021 (Germany). We are getting a brand new surprise box, numbered 70752, with 12 different skeleton knights!

Looks like Playmobil won’t be releasing them in plastic packages, now they are inside a skull-shaped can. Definitely an absolute awesome packaging, but how are we going to figure out what kind of skeleton is inside? 😀

So far there is no known way to do that, but with each skull countainer you get a ton of plastic sand to play with, so it is definitely worth its price!

There are the six brand new and unique sets:

Playmobil – Violet Vale Wizard Tower, set number: 70745
Playmobil – Violet Vale Demon Lair, set number: 70746
Playmobil – Violet Vale Plant Magician, set number: 70747
Playmobil – Violet Vale Demon Patrol, set number: 70748
Playmobil – Violet Vale Demon Air Magician, set number: 70749
Playmobil – Violet Vale Sa’ahari Sands Temple, set number: 70751

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